LSAB Finland is a long-term partner to Metsä Fiber’s sawmill and the agreement with Rauma sawmill is a continuation of this partnership. LSAB Finland will provide the sawmill in Rauma with the saw blades needed and take care of the important re-grinding service. The company is committed to our common safety goals and we have […]

Text & foto Gabriel Nilsson, Dalarnas Tidning. Tisdag 23 nov. 2021.

Långshytteföretaget intends to continue to grow

LÅNGSHYTTAN. The combination of material shortages and skyrocketing prices is currently a problem for many companies. LSAB is no exception, but despite the global situation, the company has big plans to continue to grow. In Svinöhed, in what was once a barn, Långshyttans Slipservice, LSAB, manufactures and repairs tools for woodworking. This has been done for more than 40 years. The customers are mainly sawmills and planers. For the past ten years, Långshytteföretaget has been owned by the financier Gustaf Douglas’ investment company Latour.


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