LSAB offers a complete range of tools and services for Sawmills. Over time, we have developed cutting-edge expertise in our industry and are a leading player in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Here you can read more about our concept and what added value we can offer you as a customer.


Most of the sawn timber is planed. LSAB offers a complete range of high-speed planing products. We develop and manufacture both standard and customized solutions of the highest quality. Our customers are located all over the world. Read more about our offer here.


Wood is a natural raw material in the wood and furniture industry, and demand is increasing. LSAB offers qualified technical advice and a complete range of woodworking tools. We work with selected brands with a focus on the highest quality. For optimal overall economy, we also offer Service. Read more here.


Innovations from LSAB

We are now launching Langshyttan LX60.

Bandsaw blades for sawmills with 60% longer running time and 75% lower cracking tendency. LX60 is offered in customized lengths and with winter tooth as an option. If you want to take part in our range, click here.


What does sustainability mean in our industry?

Our products refine a valuable raw material that is renewable and part of the solution for a sustainable society – Wood. LSAB’s goals for sustainability are not just about the raw material but affect all the areas we affect. LSAB’s strategic work is permeated by sustainability and we have defined six areas that we actively work with, and linked these to the global goals.


LSAB Långshyttan intends to continue to grow

Text & foto Gabriel Nilsson, Dalarnas Tidning. Tisdag 23 nov. 2021. Långshytteföretaget intends to continue to grow LÅNGSHYTTAN. The combination of material shortages and skyrocketing prices is currently a problem for many companies.…