Saw blades in focus as LSAB emerged victorious in sustainability competition.

During the Wood Industry Fair Puu 2023 in Finland, held in early September, LSAB emerged as the winner of a sustainability competition. “Another sign that our sustainability efforts are heading in the right direction,” says Martin Andersson, Business Area Manager at LSAB.

The major Puu 2023 trade fair for the wood industry in Jyväskylä, Finland, held in early September, featured an exciting sustainability competition in which LSAB participated. To our delight, LSAB emerged as the winner when the results were announced. What set LSAB apart from competitors were their innovative sawblades for sawmills, enabling LSAB to provide large-scale services that extend the lifecycle of these crucial tools in Finland. The impact of these products demonstrates a reduction in emissions related to sawblades by up to 94%, along with a 47% reduction in costs.

“LSAB, and not least the environment, are the winners. Through our innovative sawblades, we not only offer significant cost savings but also a significant reduction in CO2 emissions,” says Mika Rahko, CEO of LSAB Finland.

LSAB Wood Solutions is a business area within the LSAB Group that manufactures and sells tools for wood processing. The business area has a turnover of approximately 250 million SEK and is a leading player in northern Europe. The goal is to establish itself as a comprehensive service partner in Europe and to be the international market leader within its niche.

In the attached foto: Mika Rahko, CEO of LSAB Finland, at the Puu 2023 booth.